• Our success story

    Our success story

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    Achievements in kindergarten and preschool Technology is prominent in the modern world and everyday life. Children are relaxed and comfortable with cell phones, computers, and other electronics. The learning environments are greatly enhanced by the inclusion of electronics in theRead More »
  • Classroom gamification

    Classroom gamification

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    Teachers playlists for classroom games Education with fun Recently, Larry Ferlazzo endorsed Legends of Learning on his great post. He talked about how teachers can simply create games’ playlists as teaching aids in classrooms. This endorsement, caused me to remember andRead More »
  • Redirecting online media for children benefits

    Redirecting online media for children benefits

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    Education in the Information Age If you can’t beat them, join them.   The quote above, sums up what education has become in the world we live in. I’ve had several conversations with many parents, and from these conversations, theRead More »
  • Creative early childhood STEM play in kindergarten

    Creative early childhood STEM play in kindergarten

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    STEM for KIDS in kindergarten, not kidding Studies have shown that the ‘catch them young’ approach is the best way to sustain a better technological and economic growth in the nearest future. Science Technology Engineering and Mathematical growth are theRead More »
  • Learning Apps and Humor

    Learning Apps and Humor

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    Using Humor in Children’s Learning Apps for Effective Learning “If humor were a science, every child would enter the world with an honorary degree, Ph.D. of Hilarity.”   This statement by Karen Stephens, an instructor in child development at IllinoisRead More »