Brain Teasing Larvas and Butterflies

I've bought recently book with huge amounts of IQ puzzles for children.  The book contained mostly visual tasks and answers, and in a certain way, I was entertaining myself just by solving puzzles in mind. Some tasks were not easy to solve at all, and some even stayed unanswered. I could not figure out logic without a sneaky look into answers. Shame on me.

So after my test trial and with some marketing, I grabbed my daughter attention and interest for it. She started to solve and had a great energy to jump into new kind of brain gym at the beginning. But, optimism lasted for 30 minutes and disappeared. Despite relative success, she was working and solving certain brain teasers quickly and correct... after that she ran away in a second.

She did not want to stay in the wonderful world of rectangles, circles, quadrants, numbers and letters, labyrinths, patterns, hidden wild logic. How can somebody so young dislike great and cool brain teasers?

Simple, because they are so boring. You really have to like them to stay for long period of time. How many kids you know, like to solve such brain puzzles? Not so many.

I still asked myself what can be done to raise interest. How to bring element of surprise

and fun.

Something that could keep children interest for valuable brain skill focused, secret desire of all parents, and not paying attention to dull and plain entertainment turning them into "media zombies". Don't mix current online games and content kids play all the time with something educative despite declarations. Kids are losing their precious time on them and distort healthy cognition and social development. 

If shapes, letters or numbers are replaced in brain teasers... wouldn't that give the new level of interest?

If brain teaser is converted from this

into that

Million dollar question, what is more interesting for kids... ?

The task is to change brain teasers from being boring into super interesting, it is a change form larva to butterfly.

Today technology can help transform any task into something interesting and attention grabbing wits ease. Gabrielsseeds.eu is here to personalize any boring brain teaser with engaging images and videos.  We just have to know what we want.


Funny Brain Teasers for Children
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