Keeping and Enhancing Innovation Rhythm with Affiliate Program for Teachers

Innovations are generally not always good. We need to recognize the idea of an innovation and intent of the innovator. We have observed over time that many innovations end up negative due to lack of proper analysis before consideration. Sometimes it could be a case of the innovator trying to show off for social recognition but in the long run, no value is added.

Before any innovation is created it is important the innovator identifies a problem and takes interest in solving it.

We see innovations from another point of view.

Whenever we see an opportunity to add value, we seize it immediately.

Children are very versatile and they tend to study and learn like sponges from their environment. It is quite difficult to target personalized learning and keep it changing because kids’ interests keep changing. That is why we came up with the educator’s software as palette, and artist color palette.

The educator’s palette is for teachers. It has a “mix and paint” function that enables teachers to create imaginative lessons. This is the reason why we are introducing affiliate program. We want to channel teachers’ creativity to others. It’s like a cherry on all our innovative games we’ve made in last years.

Why Are We Talking About Education Innovation?

We are introducing something big that allows teachers create apps, share and sell. Finally the opportunity to earn money online and quick is here. So if you are a teacher that has been in search of the best approach to raising kids’ interest and teaching them values, will it not be nice to sell and earn at the same time? If your answer is yes, then this is for you.

We came up with the AFFILIATE PROGRAM (Beta version) that would help teachers put up their creativity while teaching kids. The software allows you make your app and share it with your class or other teachers or sell it to your peers. It also allows promotional sale of other collegues apps and earn money from your promotion. 

The lesson plans are done on your personal computer but you have to be online as everything takes place online. It will interest you to know that our affiliate program helps you track your author and affiliate commissions. These commissions are then reported on the affiliate page.

What Program Does This Innovation- Affiliate Program Solve For Teachers?

As teachers, the affiliate program makes it much easier for you to earn. The affiliate program helps you personalize your app. That is, create an app that is unique to you. When this is done, you show teachers and your students. Since you are a teacher, the app created would be an educational one.

This makes it beneficial to both your students and fellow teachers. It would interest you to know that your app can extend to parents that love teaching their children in the easiest way possible. The app would make learning easier and promote the interest of kids. Hence, there is so much in it for you as a teacher from making the learning process easier to make the teaching process easy as well.

This, in turn, promotes rapid learning. So when you choose our affiliate program, everybody gains immensely from it. It does not end by enhancing the learning process because, in the process of promoting your app, it is been purchased. Once this happens, you have automatically earned money.

This whole process occurs from the comfort of your home or school. It requires internet and a personal computer. This means it is cost effective and stress-free.

Another amazing part of this is that you work at your own pace which makes you your own boss. As a teacher, anytime you are free you can simply swing into our app and earn money.

Do you have a website? If your answer is yes then it is high time you use it as an avenue to promote your earnings. All you need to do is copy and paste your link into your website. This automatically promotes the product to other people so they can click your link.

When your link is clicked, people will be redirected to where they can view your app and make a purchase. This makes you earn as well.

Is The Affiliate Program For Only Teachers?

Since we are a company that aims at enhancing the process of learning for kids, we came up with the idea that would not only make learning easy but teaching as well.

Our affiliate program is definitely not for teachers alone. It is open to any individual that loves teaching and making the process of learning fun and easy.

We direct our affiliate program to teachers because they teach on a daily basis and they may have students that find it difficult to learn fast. Hence, the implementation of the app solves that problem and speeds up the rate of assimilation.

Is Registration For The Affiliate Program Difficult?

The process of registering for our affiliate program is as simple as ABC. We will guide you through the steps that you require to start up.

Below, we have highlighted steps on how to go about creating your first app once you have registered and start making sales from it.

Can I Track My Earnings On The Platform?

Yes, you can! The interesting part is you don’t have to manually track your earnings by yourself. Our system has a sales page that helps you track your earnings. The sales page assists in recording commissions from direct sales and commissions from reselling.

We will update manuals and video tutorial on a daily basis. To keep informed sign for our newsletter (footer) or give us marketing permission through our email we’ve sent recently.

We need teachers ready to test our affiliate program and patient enough for possible errors. The affiliate program is in beta testing, Appshop is empty and urging for your creative educational apps. We would like to hear from you and get your feedback, our contact is info@gabrielsseeds.eu

How to Make Sales on Your First App

The apps you have created, are marked blue on your homepage after you have successfully logged in at gabrielsseeds.eu. Select the apps that have your image, video, and audios as shown below marked as 1. After this, proceed to click the sell button which is marked as 2 in the image 1.

Image 1. Home Page

Fill the selling file form with all necessary information about your App.

Image 2. Selling App Form

We suggest using Pixabay for finding and downloading great free for commercial use images, and the cloud service like OneDrive to store your pictures online. We’ve placed one example of stored dog image on OneDrive (image 3.)

Image 3. OneDrive file storage

and how to embed the image into our selling file form. When an image is selected, press </> icon and copy complete URL code (Image 4.) – text box on the right of the picture, grey selection. Paste text to picture link (image 2.). Image preview appears if all went fine.

Image 4. Image Embed code

Click Save button (image 2.) when all information are filled. Select AppShop (Image 5.)

Image 5. Homepage toolbar – AppShop tab

Your selling app will appear in AppShop (Image 6.)

Image 6. AppShop

How to Resell Apps

Login to affiliate program at https://poweringkidslearning.com/affiliates/ (Image 7.). If you’ve created your first selling page at gabrielsseeds.eu your username will be used as Affiliate_ID and password. After you’ve logged in change your credentials. Otherwise, create your account at affiliate sign up.

Image 7. Affiliate Page – poweringkidslearning.com

Products for promotion are on Ads page (image 8.).

Image 8. Ads tab

Find product for promotion, in this example Beta App. If you have website, copy the complete code from embedding code column and paste it on your page. If you want to promote the product on your social network, emails, communicators and etc. just copy link – part of the code between first ”  “, as marked with the red rectangle on the image 9.

Image 9. Affiliate products for promotion

Trace your’s earning with each purchase at Sales page. Sales page records selling commissions from direct sales at gabrielsseeds.eu/appshop and reselling commissions – affiliate commissions (Image 8. – Sales tab).

30 days TRIAL
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AFFILIATE PROGRAM for Teachers – Beta