Algebra is the branch of math that uses variables as the missing pieces of information. A variable is a symbol that represents  a specific number.  Algebra,is solving  problems by finding the missing number represented by the variable.

Why Do Children Find  Algebra Difficult?

Teacher’s can often begin to be frustrated when students are not able to solve an operation that looks obvious to the teacher. Algebra, unfortunately is rarely obvious. [1]

First and main reason is The Non-Visual Nature of Algebra

A lot of forms of math have visual representations that are close to the idea of the subject.

Trigonometry refers to triangles and there can be a correspondence between the triangle in the problem and the one the student draws on paper. The same can be said for geometry (vectors, graphing etc)

This is even true of probility, the student can represent the idea on paper. Flip a coin and we can represent that by writing heads or tails on the paper.

 Again, many problems in arithmetic can be thought of in  pictorial terms.

Tons of math and operations can be taught using pictorial (pictures) A visual a approach is useful because students can see a concrete solution to the orginal problem.

What are pre algebra skills?

We’ve asked algebra teachers what skills they wish their students were better at coming into Algebra class? 

Ask Algebra teacher what 3 skills they want their students to know before their class?

  • Fractions
  • Integers
  • Multiplication facts

Students need a good foundation in these three skills, so they can have confidence in their ability to do math, and can transition to Algebra without fear! Algebra build on previous topics so without these essential skills your students may fail behind!

W,X,Y Variables

In tradiational algebra we used symbols to represent an unknown value. We call these variables, and normally the symbols are letters like “x” and “y”. So in Algebra we are working problems to figure out what the vairiable is!

On this page our variables will be represented by the letters “x” and “y”. 

Here is a simple equation with x as the variable: 

x – 5 = 1

What does x = ? 

x = 6 because 6 – 5 = 1 

Solving an Equation 

This was a simple example, anyone that is fluent with addition and subtraction can solve this problem by looking at it. Some of the problems are more difficult.

Sometimes we solve equations by:

adding or subracting the same number of Both sides of the equation. We can perform the some operation to both sides , the equation doesn’t change! Any work you do to one side of an equation you be must also do on the other side!!

Have you ever seen a math problem with images?

Pinterest is full of printable equations with cute illustrations. There is a huge possibility you’ve seen them and collected many printables. In today’s school books we use images in math nearly every lesson!

Having all this in mind we’ve created a special algebra equations generator for Kids. Students  can learn about Solving Algebra Equations with Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and division with images.

Working on those foundation skills? Practice pre algebra skills with our other games like

  • Multiplication game
  • Subtraction game
  • Addition and subtraction games

Our games can generate any algebra visuals that teachers can find on the web. Teachers can select any group of images from our image gallery, or insert their  own images or link to images from around the web into our algebra generator and create customized algebra equations which will be highly amusing and fun.

We make math a game that raises child confidence in a minutes!

This game takes the fear out of Algebra. Check out the examples below:

[1] https://www.m-a.org.uk/resources/Vol-11-No4_Sep_1982_Why_do_children_find_algebra_difficult.pdf

ALGEBRA Equations for Kids with Images