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Recently, Larry Ferlazzo endorsed Legends of Learning on his great post. He talked about how teachers can simply create games’ playlists as teaching aids in classrooms.

This endorsement, caused me to remember and gather my thoughts on a feature we’ve developed known as  support game based learning, making playlists available at Gabrielsseeds.eu. – what we did with this platform, was to create layouts that educators can use to create educational and motivating videos playlists.

However, that wasn’t all, we also explored the possibility of including online games that can be found all around the web on this platform. I bet you’ve seen many online games directories attracting kids to play games with bunch of advertisement on the sideline?  

Their business plan and strategy is simply to hook users on site for as long as possible and with this, comes an increase on ads being clicked. But ours wasn’t like this.

Many of these games are pure crap and are not worthy of anybody’s time. But, yet some among them are pure educational pearls.

They can help in explaining physics, logic, flow, statics, math and so on in an incredibly entertaining manner unlike any software or educator or lessons can. Yes, these games are valuable for educational purposes but the way they are being explored seems inapropriate to say the least.

The hundred million dollar question this therefore begs, is whether a child snooping around on the internet can find something of value for his/her “development”?

Usually, those games available on the internet are never as entertaining when compared to shooting, racing and other games. So this provides an insight on how the question raised above can be answered.

The probability of a child finding a game beneficial to his development online, is actually low. This, is because most of these online games, will not only have a negative effect on the child’s development, but will it will also have a negative influence on the child’s health.

As a result of these, we decided to come in and provide the much needed value to classroom gamification. In this value added classroom gamification of ours, we’ve included over a hundred learning games gathered all around the web and these games are fitting for the development of  children’s talents or learning dispositions.

Furthermore, we’ve combined games together with educational videos in the same media gallery. With this, we created a unique online classroom media gallery ready to be administrated by educators and off course by pupils.

Importance of Game Based Learning

This form of immersive learning has been shown to dramatically improve student information cognition when compared to traditional learning and teaching style. Bloom 2009

This is call to action, go, play and enjoy in physics, logic, brain teasers with young students in our games playlists:

Here is just apart of games available for making custom game playlists:

Chain reaction
Pac Man
Doctor in Jungle
Butterfly Collector
Flip Fruit
Flower Style Shop
My Dolphin Show
Bubble Glee
Bubble Mover
Ice Block
Jungle: Spot Diff
Dream Farm Link
Find the fish
Choco Dash
Pack the prize
Happy Bees
Sparkle Turtle Wash
Back to Candyland
Pencil Panic Extreme
Tiramisu cups
Monkey Cake
Ice Cream Puff
Steam Machine
Brain Surgery
Stickman Downhill
Let Me Grow
The Lost Octopus
Sun Beams
Unfreeze Me 3
Toy Factory Fun
Puppy Play Day
Piggy in Puddle
Traffic Madness
Beaver Blocks 2
Run Panda Run
Tea Mahjong
Stranded Viking
Jungle Joy
Rotate & Roll
Afra Fly
Build the Bridge
The Square 2
Sugar sugar
The Rise
IT for kids
Labyrink 2
Mouse trap
Brain builder
Brain game
Mind impulse
Mind cards
Light up my mind
Mini pool
Memorable drums
Messy factory
Shape fold
Shape fold
Shape fold
Gold miner
Shape fold
Music maker
Singing horses
Music maker
Virtual DJ
Patapon music
Up beat
Airport rush
Jungle musician
Drum session
Banja band
Jelly Lam
Jelly slice
Shape Fit
Drum Pro
Cat crossing
The egg
Epic Rail
Railway Valley
Railroad 2
Unfreeze Me
Light the lamps
Trap the Tiger
Crystal Clear
1001 Arabian Night
Jungle Shooter
Zoo Keeper
Liquid measure
Water drop
I need water
Liquid measure
One man band
Text twist
Match & Remove
Match Maker
Mini golf
Mini golf
What you need to know about, “Gamification” the FUTURE of learning.