Number sense – groups of 5 or 10

Counting On is a beginning mental math strategy for addition. It is generally taught as an introductory mental math strategy and is usually very easy for students to grasp.

Counting on is a strategy used for addition. It is a beginning math strategy one of the first that uses mental math. Young students usually get this concept easily and it improves the time taken to do counting or computation.

To perform this mental math skill have the student start with the larger number in the addition problem. For example:

7 + 3

Have the student identify which number is bigger (7), now the students will add three by counting on. Example:

Student says 7 then counts 3 to get to 10.

7 then 8,9, 10

Most students use their fingers for the second number, so they don’t lose track. Add 3 would be 3 fingers in the air etc. Adding 1,2,3, or 4 to a larger number works great like this!

Therefore, we’ve created game with image grouping per 5 or 10 to ease counting. This game have images grouped by five items or ten items to help counting. This is a good game for preschool or kindergarten to help build number awareness.

The teacher selects either items grouped to 5 or items grouped to 10. The computer then shows images in rows and columns. The computer asks “How many _______?” the student then types and counts the answer.

How many apples? 5 that easy.

Children will enjoy this game! This game will help with counting and help to grow a confidant little math student.

counting strategy

Images are grouped in 5 or 10, making children easy to count and develop counting strategy. It is a great math game layout for math introduction in kindergarten or preschool. Just imagine how would a child react if it would found favorite toy or cartoon character within the app.

Teacher selects game (group 5 or 10 images per row) and then selects images. That is all that has to be done, game will randomly autogenerate images in rows and columns. A child has to count images and type correct number below. In this example, count ankylosaurus, and type 16. Pretty easy, right.

counting strategy

Counting strategy with dinosaurs
COUNTING strategy
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