Whether it’s quizzes, story-telling tools, crosswords, TPT materials, slideshows, brainteasers, classroom management tools, Wixie, Google Docs, Kahoot, Learningapps.org, BookWidget.com, ThingLink, Quizz, Popplet, Wizie.me, Jigsaw Planet. Children have such diversified needs, which is why there are so many different tools you available for use in their education. How many times have you heard thoughts by teachers, students and parents alike that they wished all of these could be found in one place?

Looking at an article with the title -“57 Learning Technology Tools One Middle School Teacher Depends On”, may sound a little discouraging. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. With more technologies available than ever before, as shown through review sites like Common Sense Education, teachers have more classroom tools than they really know what do with. Information systems, software, information systems and literally thousands of apps. It’s a real clutter of educational technology.

This is one aspect of technology designed for classrooms that is not discussed often and underestimated.

To important your pics to lots of different apps, important details of your classroom, set the differentiations and ensure that all apps support them, it’s just too much work. Even when just using links to access games, stats not being saved makes it pointless, unless you are using logins and all your student’s activity is saved.

It’s not ideal to start the same job continuously each time without being able to benefit from previous work. It doesn’t allow space for creativity, it just becomes similar to boring administration.

Teachers, even with the best intentions for using a combination of old and modern methods and tools, have to try and be superheroes trying to deal with such a diverse range of tools. It is also difficult to remember all the great aspects of certain tools if you’ve only seen them once or twice. Can you really remember everything after three months, one year or even more? Not likely.

It is therefore vital to have everything in one single place, and not spread across 100s of different solutions and apps. When the tools are spread out like this, it can be hard to keep track of student’s statistics and progress. It can consume far too much of a teacher’s valuable time. Preparing the tools, updating them, preparing materials, functionalities are often lost and altered.

It’s not an integrated solution, even if you have shortcuts at one single place like Symbaloo. With so many apps and tasks, all unintegrated, it addds to the problem rather than becoming a solution.

All educators need technology that can help them do their job and help their students to succeed. To that end, shouldn’t it be that the design of education technology is unified. We don’t necessarily have a magic solution to this problem, but we do offer a fully integrated platform with over 200 different layours for kingergarten, pre-school and primary school level with monetisation, customisation and statistic features all in one place. We feel that this is one of the most integrated solutions on the market right now.