Practice identifying shapes and colors lets children also helps children to explore grouping and classifying items. Students learn to make logical connections when they began to sort and classify and this is a skill that will be used in all areas of learning.

This game offers several shapes for your child to match. Some shapes are :

  • trapezoids,
  • parallelograms,
  • semi-circles,
  • circle,
  • square,
  • rectangle, and
  • triangle.

Not only will the kids in kindergaten practice logical skills, but they will also build a knowledge of basic shapes. This will be an excellent foundation practice for building an understanding of Geometry.

We also have the “Find Shape” exercise. This game lets students experience examples of shapes along with images. We’ve inserted images into the middle of the shapes. These makes recognizing shapes practice more exciting! Therefore, your students will spend more time practicing!

Find the shape is a visually rich app that help to boost kids cognitive skills with great motivation.

find the shape game
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