Wonderful World of Picture Anagrams for Kids

Unless kids show linguistic (verbal) intelligence(1) it might be hard and frustrating for them to develop spoken and written language, as well as ability to spread vocabulary themselves in early childhood. In this post, we’re going to guide through visual enrichment of word puzzles anagrams with images that can be automatically generated for better children motivation in classrooms.

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once.(2)

As already stated, some kids just don’t buy so easy plays with words. To love dispersed or cutely shaped random letters… It is a boring game, except you have linguistic intelligence. Something has to be done, in the manner of sweetening wording assignments, because anagrams have great potential in intellectual development. It would be a loss if anagrams wouldn’t be used in early childhood education.

Here is an idea how to use boring game strengths for our benefits, using visualization as additional help. If anagrams have great, intriguing images as additional help… they would raise children interests in no time. Images are a great bridge between interest and goal. Here is an example. First word puzzle

means nothing to most of the kids. But second,

makes a difference.  Without a doubt, the second one is a winner. All we did, just added an image of interest and all child has to do is to type offered letters. If it is a boy, especially playing with toy cars, adopting letters will be done in s snap.

Furthermore, an additional idea, anagrams consist words matching current child play. For example, favorite play with physical cars can be prepared in anagrams like car model in background and letters randomly placed in shapes or layouts in front.  Wow, this would mean current child play has just taken another form of play. Turning what kids love into what they learn. We have enriched children play with assignment we consider is great for future skills.

The final idea, include using picture anagrams in classrooms. It is a kind of classroom gamification but with purpose and help for students and teachers. Picture anagrams are helping classroom tools for teachers if used aligned with lesson plans. Teachers might even catch additional so much well-deserved break during working time :), just invented this term. Picture anagrams are helping classroom tool for students because they see the purpose, of word assignments and fun at same time. Here is an example how to develop fruit vocabulary

Kids just have to click on right anagram represented with image above. With approach of mixing word puzzles with images it is easy to imagine how picture anagrams are applied with fun in any classroom (K-3) embedded in lessons about nature, or ELL, ESL and EFL.

Anagram Creator

We have prepared many 5 types of anagrams in our Anagram Creator:

  1. Boring anagrams with only letters, all letters are typed;
  2. Anagrams with image in background, all letters are typed;
  3. Anagram with image in background and one missing letter, missing letter needs to be typed as an answer;
  4. Anagram with image in background and one surplus letter, alien letter needs to be typed as an answer; and finally
  5. Anagram with image and several letters mixed words as answer options.

It is easy to build them, within minutes, take a look at our 3-minute video tutorial.

Anagram creator has built-in gallery of over 8000 images and 700 terms and step by step explanation in the video tutorial. If you are not satisfied with vocabulary gallery for anagram apps, import own images and sounds that will be embedded in word anagram games.

Download examples of anagram apps by click on hedgehogs below.

or make your own with Anagram Creator for Kids

(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linguistic_intelligence

(2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anagram

How ANAGRAMS can increase children’s intelligence and set them up for a life time of success