Using Humour in Brain Teasers for Kids, The Story of Larvas and Butterflies

In this post, we will show you how we have transformed one brain teasers from the net into funny brain teaser for kids. You can join in creating funny brain teasers too with ease with more than 140 layouts ready to be filled with images.

With brain teaser generator it is possible to personalize brain games for any kid. We will also share early childhood brain teasers as apps with embedded images and videos for download… so skip to the end or continue with a read.

I recently bought a book containing a huge number of IQ puzzles and brain teasers for kids. It was meant as a gift for my daughter, but I just couldn’t help myself- I had to try out some of the puzzles for myself.

Most of the book was made up of visual tasks and brain teasers, and I have to admit, I had a lot of fun going through them. Some had me scratching my head for quite a while, and others got the better of me.

I couldn’t figure them out without a sneaky look at the answers (shame on me!). Before I knew it, “just one puzzle” had turned into working through the whole book- oops!

Once I was finished with the book myself, I then gave it to my daughter for her to test out. At first, she was having a great time, and really enjoying solving each new puzzle.

However, after about 3 minutes, that excitement disappeared. Even though she had been doing well at the kids brain teasers, she just suddenly lost interest.

Why didn’t she want to stay in the world of shapes, numbers, letters, and patterns? How could a child not love these cool brain teasers?

The answer is actually pretty simple- it’s because they are so boring. If you don’t love all things logical, then it’s easy to get switched off by these kids brain teasers after a short amount of time.

In fact, even the name “kids brain teasers” isn’t all that accurate. After all, how many kids do you know who would actually sit down and spend hours at a time working their way through these kinds of brain puzzles?

That’s right- with so many technological distractions on offer, kids would rather do something else than puzzles out of a book.

Can Brain Teasers be Funny?

This got me thinking about how to make those puzzles more engaging to kids. In particular, I wanted to beat that boredom that all too quickly sets in.

Rather than the same sort of thing over and over again, there needs to be an element of surprise and fun to things. In short, these brain teasers for kids need to appeal to what those kids love most.

Surely something that keeps kids occupied while also boosting their brain power is something that every parent is searching for. Well, good news- I’ve found the secret formula for just such a thing!

As every parent knows, kids nowadays are visual, seeing so many online and on media and love games. However, a lot of these images and games targeted at kids have no educational value whatsoever.

Instead, they focus on repeating the same old tasks again and again, but packaged in a way that subtly hooks kids’ minds and keeps them wanting more.

Some of these online games claim that they are educational, but if you take a closer look at them, you’ll see that this really isn’t the case at all. Instead, the games are created with one goal in mind- to turn your kids into media consuming zombies with a short attention span.

If they are quickly bored with something, then they will demand a new game to play within a very short space of time. That works in the interest of these games developers, since they want to sell as much product as possible.

However, not only does it mean parents end up spending a lot more money on keeping their kids occupied, but it could also end up having a negative impact on their brain development.

In order for their brains to develop properly, kids need to get some valuable experience of solving the kind of problems they will face later on in life.

If they can apply logic to a situation, and work their way through it accordingly, then they are much more likely to succeed. These skills help them throughout their time at school, but they will also use them time and again in the world of work.

In short, these cognitive abilities are essential if you want your child to grow up successful. There’s nothing wrong with playing non-educational games occasionally, but you need to balance that out with kids brain teasers that will really get their brains in gear.

After a lot of thought and experimentation with different funny brain teasers, I finally figured out the problem. It’s not that kids don’t like brain teasers at all- it’s just that you need to present these puzzles to kids in the right way.

By swapping those shapes, letters, and numbers with something more engaging, kids will really love to work through these puzzles. Not only will they have a lot of fun, but they will also learn a lot, too- everyone’s a winner!

An example, when brain teaser is converted from this

into that

Million dollar question, what is more interesting to kids… ? Furthermore, who continues the pattern? Correct answer is arrow for first pattern and hedgehog for second pattern.

The first group of shapes will be forgotten in mater of hours, day or two at the most. The second group of images, playing the same logic game will be visualized and remembered with a feeling of fun for long, for months or even years.

It is all about how we present learning lessons.

We gave it a dose of surprise because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition(1) patterned forest animals and nice visualization in learning lesson. New generations are especially sensitive to the way of presentation. As already mentioned, they are so bombarded with ads, media, cartoons, movies, special effects and then we give them aesthetic, simple shapes. It worked 50 years ago, but not now.

By using the full power of today’ technology, we’ve taken over 50 of the best brain teasers from around the web, and converted them into something that kids will find a lot more entertaining.

Our funny brain teasers will keep kids engaged for hours, and we can help to transform any puzzle you might have into the perfect kids brain teaser, too. Our task is to change brain teasers from being boring into super-interesting, genuinely fun activities.

It’s like the change from a larva into a butterfly- the basic ingredients are all there, but we make it into something much more beautiful.

Kids have more fun, and they are rewarded for their efforts with videos and other great content to keep them wanting more. Let’s work together, and provide our kids with something that’s good for their minds, and fun too!

(1) One of favorite Monthy Phythons Flying Circus sketches. Sorry, could not resist to mention a unite for the surprise.

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