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I absolutely understand that making good educational tools has its challenges. There are a lot of demands in your team, wanting to really make a difference can be overwhelming without right software but this AWESOME Gabriel’s Seeds has come to solve all these problems.

We are Gabriel’s Seeds, the industry of Children education apps (kindergarten and classes to K-5), in (location) specializing in education software for generating, sharing and playing educational applications for children aged 3-11 years, including those with special needs and gifted ones. At Gabriel’s Seeds, we believe software should be pleasurable to use. We know this is achievable through intuitive and responsive design.

Gabriel’s Seeds offers extensive expertise in education software services in the web application and client application. We work with on-site and virtual teams to deliver to specification with the highest quality, each and every time.

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GS enables the personalization of education to knowledge of each child and adapt entertaining prize according to his interests, talents and ways of learning. Content of the lessons can be customized according to child current interest, for example if a child enjoys playing with planes, educator (parent or teacher) can generate math lessons with planes, reading lessons, foreign language learning with planes and finally can attach entertaining video from library (YouTube video library) about planes (drones, flying gadgets).

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Making educative apps is easy and very fast with GS. In few minutes educator can make app just by clicking pictures without making single line of code.

As far as history is concerned, am sure no one had ever succeeded so far in customizing education for individual child. I’ve searched through techcrunch database but there is nothing similar. Nobody ever used other product for motivation; GS embeds YouTube videos and educative free online games. Unlike others who build own games and make gamification of education with own games. Such education is at first attractive but less entertaining with time.  GS can also enlarge motivating videos and games in seconds and become entertaining over, over and over again.

With our many years of experience we promise professional services at affordable rate, we are tested and trusted, earned and maintain a truly good reputation, very effective and totally focused on your kids’ success and we maintain close relationship and good communication with our customers.

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If you’re still hesitating because you don’t know how powerful and professional our services are, here are a few testimonials from people who have tried it…

Bravo !!!!

“The games are excellent and I understand how to play them. They are very appropriate for kids in the first four grades. I think this is now one of the best products in the virtual market and even when I compare it with the educational products for the English market and believe me I’ve tried them a lot 🙂 Bravo !!!!”

Marlena Bogdanović,

Elementary School Teacher, Makarska


It is so rich that I can not even explain everything.

“The application is very simple, educational, useful and fun. It is so rich that I can not even explain everything. Talking with colleagues in the profession, we definitely recommend this application to all parents who want their child to spend quality time at the computer or tablet.”

Lana Kihas,

Kiidie entrepreneur & Kindergarten educator, Petar Pan, Zagreb


educational, different and very interesting games

“Gabriels Seeds are educational, different and very interesting games, through which children gain certain knowledge, skills and processes that encourage the development of creativity.
Game contents develop analytical thinking in the search for solution to problems.
Particularly interesting are the possibilities to independently create educational programs and to select rewards.
Pupils are motivated and very interested in this way of learning through play. It further develops their intellectual work and accelerates learning processes. Correct solutions paired with rewards, lead to discovery of something new, interesting and different.
Games can be applied in the context of teaching, in the phase of repetition and verification, as an indicator of adopting educational content. Learning can be customized into engaging and familiar content with the Gabriel’s Seeds application.
Every child’s free time can be fulfilled with the contents of this application as they learn to play, to know, to think, to create, to connect …”

Martina Mikulaš,

Elementary School Teacher, Zagreb