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Extra games are the additional set of games continuing standard free game layouts for learning apps with new types of layouts. The product is great for teachers who want to create powerful, rich and personalized education content for curriculum support and raise learning efficiency.

30 days TRIAL
1 Month = 1 $ | Add more than 100 extra games layouts FOR 1 MONTH
Price: $37.00
Price: $1.00

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Anagram with one missing  letter

The game consists of pictures and randomly typed letters. For example; a picture with a bunch of banana, letters are randomly placed on the picture.  The goal of the game is to find the missing letter and to type it below the picture. In this example, letter “A” needs to be typed below.

Anagram answers

User has to select correct anagram from anagrams at the bottom that matches with picture and drag it on.


Text in mirror


Question text and picture as additional help are placed up. There are three possible answers below. User has to find correct text in mirror and click on it.



Matching First Letter and Picture


The game presents two columns; first column contains a single alphabet letter each, and the second column contains pictures with some text that are missing their first letter. The goal of the game is to match first letters with their equivalents by dragging and dropping.


Counting Strategy

Game groupes images in 10 or 5 per line, and last line contains rest of the number. User needs to count all images with the help of grouoings and enter correct number in the cell below.


Game presents image splitter with line in two parts, and one part is faded. Faded part of image is equal to one of 3 offered answers below. User has to click on right percentage below.

Relations between objects

The game consists of two images randomly placed in the table and relations <, > and = at the bottom that need to replace “?” sign. A user has to click on the correct relation between 2 objects.


Floating object with images can be draged in front of fixed ruler. User types correct answer in cell below.

Secret Adddition – Encryption Game

Each number is dedicated to an image. Question addition is placed below with images. User has to enter correct number.

Visual Math

The game of visual maths shows objects with basic math functions. User must type correct answer in the empty square provided.





Secret Letter – Encryption

In the upper part of the encryption game, different pictures are dedicated to the alphabet letters. Each picture represents 2 or 3 letters.

Word questions in form of picture sequence are assigned below. User must figure out the mystery word and type the correct text. In this example, the correct answer is “BUTTERFLY”.

Find Shape


Questions in the find a shape game are presented in the upper part of the frame. Three possible answers are listed below. User has to click the correct shape.

Each shape has a picture to get every child’s attention.



The labyrinth game randomly creates maze paths between matching objects. User must drag picture through labyrinth and drop it on other picture. In this example, the baby needs to be connected with dummy.


The goal of the game is to connect two different pairs through the labyrinth. In this example; the apple is connected with a fruit basket, and a frog with a water lily.



The game is a single stage process that teaches users to find correct output after one process. Input content on the left is processed and output is presented on the right side of arrow.

The Process function is explained on top of the picture. In this example process “#” transforms input “ABC” into “CAA”. Question is placed in the middle, 3 dogs sequence is put through process “#”.

3 possible answers are presented below. Red arrow shows correct answer for this case.


The game of two stage processes works same as the single stage process game, but slightly more complicated. Input content is processed through 2 stages of processes “#” and “$”, one after other. Possible answers are listed below.


The game of two to three processes works same as previous process games.


Visual perception


The game of visual perception consists of unwrapped cubes with pictures in the upper part of frame and possible 4 answers in form of cubes below. User must figure out which combination of pictures in offered cubes correctly represents the unwrapped cube.

Continue Sequence

Continue sequence game consists of formed image pattern above, picture example AAABBB. User has to find correct image to continue sequence from 3 possible answers below.

Continue Double Sequence

Continue sequence of two patterns
Two different patterns starting from left, picture patterns and shape patterns, form one sequence in upper part of the form. User must select answer below , drag&drop it in empty square and continue sequence,

Libra game

The game presents 3 libras with different equations, first two are in balance. The third libra needs to be balanced with one of three answers below.

Memory game


This is a classical memory game, find pairs. The memory game has several versions: 16 pictures (4×4), 20 pictures (4×5), 24 pictures (4×6), and 28 pictures (4×7).  The goal is to find all the pairs, and to exercise visual memory and perception.



Find me

The game randomly positions objects with rotations. A user needs to click on the object whose text is written below.

Matching halves

3 images are split into halves. A user has to drag and drop halves from right to left and pair images.

4-part Puzzle

Two images are split into quarters below. A user has to drag and drop related quarters into the image above.


30 days TRIAL
1 Month = 1 $ | Add more than 100 extra games layouts FOR 1 MONTH
Price: $37.00
Price: $1.00

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