Gabriel’s Seeds extras offer more functionalities for best service use and a creation of additional learning apps.

Special Games
Add more than 100 extra games layouts to free version and make thorough teaching apps targeting more effectively children skills.
Price: $37.00
my Digital Classroom
Organize and administrate all your pupils' lessons at one place. Add, delete, update apps in seconds.
Price: $10.00
Your Logo
Place logo within games and raise brand awareness.
Price: $299.00

Our economically priced extras allow you to better craft the perfect apps that can cater to each child’s individual needs. Choose from the following list to add to the already vast database of game layouts, so you can design better and more engaging learning-based games to suit the ever-evolving needs of the children.

We know each child is different and some just require a different learning approach or have varied interests than others. Advanced Search allows you to instantly find more inviting and encouraging material from our online media gallery specific to each child. Find videos and games based on each pupil’s most prominent skills to better engage their attention. Purchase My Digital Classroom for your own digital classroom to allow you to control and administrate lessons to your pupils as well as manage all your apps in one place.


If the product is not automatically applied we will manually set it up within 12 hours.