Hangman is a traditional word puzzle game that kids have been playing using a pencil and a paper to test their vocabulary abilities. It usually involves two or more participants.

The first player comes up with a word or short phrase or even sentence and the other player/s aim to guess the word by telling numbers or alphabet letters up to a certain point (until the hanged man gets hanged). If players suggest a letter that has already been mentioned, that letter is noted down on paper, even if it was told 2X.

Here is an example of a typical hangman game below: some letters of the word appear underlined in their correct spot while the letters that are crossed out do not show up and each bad letter guess corresponds to a body part of the hangman drawing. In this particular game, we have the word “hangman”.

However, a drawing of a hanged man may be inappropriate for small kids, and so we invented a more kid-friendly version of the game with red and green pillars. Each correct letter guess will “build” the green pillar further while each wrong guess will similarly build the red pillar.

The player that manages to build the green pillar first, will win the game while if a player’s red pillar is bigger than the green, they lose and get smashed with a cake in their face. An image of the word is also being shown for very young players for help.

Instead of entertaining a black humor concept, the cake smashed in the face is a funnier and less “serious” than the regular version.

Hangman game generator
HANGMAN Game Generator
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