Hidden objects game are games where students find objects inserted into a picture where they really, normally would not belong. Like a crown on a lampshade, or a shoe hidden on the ceiling. Normally, a list of objects is at the bottom of the picture, and they will circle the objects they find. (1)

In the world around us : The Camouflage game

Animals have adapted many ways to stay safe from their predators, they have learned to hide in plain sight. They may have special colors, or skin shaped a certain way to blend in with their surroundings. Our hidden animal game will help students understand animal camouflage and have full while learning! (2)

By playing with hidden animal games you will develop a much better understanding of animal camouflage.

The Benefits of Hidden Object Games

These games can benefit students in many ways, such as even though some critics today still think games such as these are only entertainment and have no educational value, cognitive studies are showing the opposite is true!

A study in Singapore studied non-gamers. They instructed the gamers to play a specific game, 1 hour a day for 4 weeks. The people who played hidden object games improved their performance of spatial memory tasks and on visual searching. So playing hidden object games is a form of brain exercise, that helps the player improve their cognitive function.(3)

As educators, we can help the students brain develop by playing hidden object games and we can start them playing at an early age. Personally each educator has the ability to work these games into their daily routine, this game can be used in many times throughout the day. For example:

  • As a station for indoor recess on rainy or cold days.
  • A reward for students.
  • A daily part of their center time activities.
  • Used as a whole group projected on the smartboard

“Find me“ is our version of a hidden object game. So you find an object, animal, or person among other similar items. We are empowering both language and cognitive skills at the same time.

Look at how easy it is to start your young off in finding hidden objects. Find bee among many animals.




HIDDEN OBJECT Games for Kids
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