Filling Gaps of Edu Giants  with Cloud Technology

Article by Matt Gomez about things he did not like on Educational Resources Hub http://mattbgomez.com/i-dont-like-tpt/ was a trigger to make this post.

Let’s start from the beginning about what resource hubs for teachers are. The most immanent representative is teacherspayteachers.com (TPT) followed by Teacher’s Notebook, BetterLesson.com, and ShareMyLesson.com, A to Z Teacher Stuff, The teacher’s corner, Lesson Planet and etc., where teachers can find free or paid pdf lessons.

They are all great educational resources (ERH) and online hubs that are relatively spread among teachers, although it is not the best thing teachers can have, regardless if we are talking about kindergarten teachers or primary school teachers. All teachers should use methods that help them stir the interest of children in what is happening in the class, while allowing them to retain information, and, having all these in mind, hubs have disadvantages despite many advantages. As a teacher, you should be aware of these disadvantages and know that there is a way to solve the issues raised. But first, let us take a better look at the disadvantages.

  • Everything comes in a PDF format

PDF formats are great because you can open them by using any kind of devices, with software that can be downloaded and used for free. But when you would like to change the content, then a PDF will start to be problematic. As a teacher, you probably know that every class of children is different and has its own needs. Thus, content that is made for general use is not such a good option as it may not reach some of the children in the class. Most certainly you would know how to adjust the content so that your kids get the most of it, but that’s impossible when you’re working with PDFs. And ERH provides everything in a PDF format, so that the content cannot be changed or altered, which can be quite frustrating for a teacher that wishes to offer exceptional classes to children, tailored to their needs.

  • ERH material becomes dull and overused

We all know that teachers, in spite of their noble profession, don’t have big wages. So when they end up spending a couple of dollars on a unit that is meant to help them in class, they will like to get as much as they can out of it. Thus, the unit ends up being used year after year, class after class, and not because the material is so great or the children love it, but because it cost the teacher money out of his or her pocket and they are relatively easy to be used. While we all want to enjoy easier jobs, we would also like to have some flexibility when it comes to the materials we use. Children, as much as teachers, appreciate diversity, so coming up with something new in class will definitely manage to attract their attention and make them want to invest some effort into the class.

  • Cute activities are not enough

While children are attracted by nice visuals, this is not enough to make class activities interesting and enjoyable for children. Bubbles, little owls, or polka dots may seem interesting for toddlers, but not for older children. Some teachers said that this kind of fonts stir no enthusiasm among most of the children in their class, as they believe that many don’t even notice. So basic a particular activity on cuteness, as ERH does, is not enough to have successful classes. Children love having their mind and creativity stimulated, which is not going to happen when using cute fonts on class handouts.

  • Real pictures vs. clip art

Clip art may have been attractive to children 10 years ago, but that kind of images don’t work in our times anymore. Children these days are more impressed by real-life images and we are talking about showing them images with elephants, sunflowers, and so on, something that TPT does not provide. It is worth having in mind that the world changed a lot, and so did the needs and preferences of our young generation.

Now that we tackled the disadvantages of ERH, we shall continue by talking about the solutions to all of these problems. The best part about these solutions is that they can all be found in one single place and we are talking here about Gabriel’s Seeds. At Gabriel’s Seeds, we noticed the shortcomings of using ERH, deciding to offer a better teaching method that will ease the load of teachers and make children more interested in the class. So, here are the solutions to the downsides of ERH.

1. The content and structure of a lesson can be changed anytime and in any degree

The software we provide is meant to provide teachers the freedom they need when composing lessons for their classes. As mentioned earlier, each class has its own set of needs and requirements, so it can be extremely helpful to be able to adjust the standard lesson in such a way that it will become suitable for one class’s needs. Thus, with this software, the teacher is not stuck to teaching things in the same old manner over and over again, as he or she has the possibility to make adjustments as considered.

2. A wide range of cute pictures and real-life images available

Because the software is made to suit the needs of children of all ages and of the teachers that are taking care of them, it provides both cute pictures and real images. So, depending on the lesson that it is going to be presented in class, you can choose to use high-quality images of animals, objects, nature, and more. We even provide combinations of illustrations and images, so all you need to do is find the option that works best in your classroom.

3. A very generous gallery is at your disposal all the time

The image gallery is quite large, providing no less than 8000 different images to choose from. But, this doesn’t mean that you are limited to using those images alone. You can easily bring in your own images if you consider them more suitable for the class. Besides images, feel free to add videos as well, as they are also supported by the software. So, as you can see, you have the freedom and flexibility you need to come up with outstanding classes which you can change and adjust according to the needs and preferences of your children.

It is easy to fill gaps if the solution is structurally supported in the core of Information System from the begging. For Gabriel’s Seeds it is easy to fill the gaps of educational resources for teachers.

How To Fix TEACHERS’ Resource HUB Disadvantages