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We did it, we’ve opened the door even more for best early childhood education personalization.

Gabriel’s Seeds is now open for personalization for any child. With the new media insertion functionality, educators can include any Youtube video that might interest young pupils in learning apps. Video or online game can be combined with game layouts. Reading&writing, math, brain teasers, perception and memory games, logic and etc., can include your preferred videos for additional learning enrichment.

For example, you know your child liked to wash puppy dog and you’ve recorded short hilarious footage. Insert video into your cloud disk like Microsoft OneDrive, copy link and paste it into newly created learning app for animals in Spanish in gabrielsseeds.eu. Child engagement in learning will definitely grow.

If you can not find video or online game in our built-in media gallery, you can easily insert video url found to be interesting for your children. Whatever video child likes can be part of his power learning strategy.

Media insert together with images insert makes Gabriel’s Seeds best possible learning personalization technology on market.

Believe it or not…Web 2.0. is the secret to educating your child!
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