Mazes have been around since ancient times. Humans created mazes as a way to challenge each other. These mazes help up to create a map of our environment and then have the ability to move through the environment.

Mazes help kids with development in many ways :

  • Problem solving, coming up with ideas to go from start to finish in the maze
  • Fine motor control, taking the object pencil through the maze without running into walls.
  • Visual motor, looking from beginning to end in the maze in order to find possible solutions. Teaching children to scan are important as they scan when reading too!
  • Confidence, starting with a simple maze having kids work through a maze and complete it gives a sense of accomplishment.

We’ve created a different type of maze game for kids. Our maze guides the player through different images of the same object. You select the path, look at the example below :

Find all the eagles in the wildlife grid to solve the maze. Students of all ages will have fun with this game!

It is the visually rich logic game that will for sure grab children attention and will enrich logic skills, guaranteed.

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