Matching words to images is a great way to help children learn to read. This game should be included as a vital APP for your Kindergarten students. This game was designed for students who already know their letters or have the basic concept of letters.

This program introduces people to different words so they will recognize them easily when beginning to read! There are different matching games within this APP:

  • Match the words and sounds with pictures
  • Match sounds with pictures
  • Match pictures with pictures.

The Game match the words and sounds with the pictures

The games begins and the student is given a set of pictures and one word. The student finds the picture that matches the word and then drags the picture to the word to make a match.

When the match is correct, the APP makes a sound and after three correct rounds is rewarded with a video you have chosen for that student. If the match is wrong then they try again. The words and pictures are auto generated for every set of words. It’s best to select a large number of words, a limited set can bore the kindergarteners! Make sure the words are within their development levels. So they aren’t overwhelmed by the word choice either.

This version has fun images to go with the words as they practice for later reading.

The Game match the sounds with the pictures

This game is basically the same, but its without words, students listen to the pictures names and then click on them. This helps with the students auditory memory.

The Game match the pictures with the pictures

There are different images of the same thing and they match picture to pictures. For example: one orange flower to another orange flower. They drag to collect them. 


These games naturally sequence learning, from matching picture to picture, then picture to sound, and finally picture to word. It is helpful for native and esl students alike. This matching apps helps:

  • Phonetic awareness
  • Reading readiness
  • Printed word concept
  • Vocabulary building
  • Small motor skills

These are fun games that toddlers and young learners will want to play over and over. They will grow with the student up into the pre reading  stage. This is great practice for your students and a value for your budget.


Do you know the word above the pictures? Drag and drop the image correctly and check your spelling.

Start with the words you know.

If you don’t know a word, guess. You may be right! You’ll hear confirmation or negative sound after each trial.

Use our Vocabulary exercises section to improve your vocabulary.

Match the words or sounds and the pictures