Amazing Mazes

Another logic game that we have designed that has proven useful to kids learning math is the maze game. The maze game features different difficulty levels and design which is fun and challenging for both younger and older kids.

Mazes serve well in enhancing a child’s problem-solving skill while building their strategic thinking. Another unique benefit of this game is that a therapist can have a perception of the capabilities within a kid, their strength and their weaknesses, in the way they play and address issues of concern during therapy sessions.

The maze game can also be placed on a wall/vertical surface. Below are several reasons to practice mazes in the classroom:

• Enhances problem-solving ability: where children develop their brain functionality in planning and racking out deployable strategies required in advancing through a maze from start to finish or vice-versa.

• Excellent motor control: this helps a kid move through the maze and controls the marker without hitting the border lines which are in black. By engaging in the game with full attention, kids learn to move through the maze and gain control over the writing equipment.

• Visual motor enhancement: one aspect of mazes that comes in handy for a child’s development is the visual representation of problems. This help enhance the visual motor of the brain as a child has to find possible solutions to a maze problem with their eyes. The benefit of this is better reading and writing due to word recognition.

• Boosts confidence: a kid that has learnt to move through the maze especially with ease would have developed necessary motor skills that help them stand out and confidently attempt tasks presented to them in class. We are all aware of how mazes work.

Most times we get stuck and other times we make it through to the end – quite challenging! The maze game is designed for kids who are quite older. However, it still has the features and design that keep the game challenging and interesting even for these older kids.

Maze games for kids
Maze games for kids
MAZE Games for Kids
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