Why are Memory Games Important?

The visual memory game is one of the best games for a child as it focuses on improving their memory capacity. According to researchers, consistent practice with memory games increases their communication skills, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-development. Memory games enhance a child’s focus which directly impacts learning both in the class and out of it.

Benefits of Playing Memory Games for Kids

  • Helps to improve concentration and Enhance Other Brain Functions – If someone plays a brain enhancing game daily, he/she can easily enhance brain skills, like attention level, concentration, focus, intellectual skills along with the reading and writing part of it. For memory games are developed with efforts to allow the human brain to think critically.
  • Best Brain Exercise- Memory games are best brain exercises that exercise certain parts of the human body. Continuously playing these games makes human brain more sharp comparatively to that of those who don’t play games often. Well, the time duration is not that important, rather playing the same game continuously. (1)
  • Enhance Visual Memory- Training your visual memory is also important at the same time, for you to distinguish between two objects. You must immediately be able to find difference between pictures and not take too long time to identify things in normal time. Therefore our memory game with match of similar images for same object is perfect for visual memory.
  • Enhance Power Of Recognition and attention to detail – Power of recognition can be increased with the help of better memory games. Unless and until you do not put any efforts in the games you play, you wont be able to enhance your power of recognition and attention to detail.Our game improves the ability to find similarities and differences in objects and help to classify objects that are grouped by similar traits. (2)
  • Increase Short Term Memory- Research (3) has found that people solving puzzles, crosswords, play card games deferred the attack of dementia.
  • Teaches you Planning and Foresight- The area of the brain responsible for judgement, self-control, planning is enhanced more, if you play memory games continuously. Of course these games push you to make better decisions than the ones you made prior to this.
  •  Improve Vocabulary- If you play games like catch a word, it helps to improve your vocabulary. We have great memroy game for vocabulary building game since it has image and word match. It is also great for teaching foreign languages too. Sound complicated but it is also a lot of fun and one level up in brain skills.

There are so many benefits to these simple memory games for all. So start playing these memory games and reap as many benefits as possible. So just start playing and gain the benefits of playing memory games

Our Memory Games

We’ve created memory games for kids in 3 variants:

  • match images and words into pairs,
  • match similar images into pairs, and
  • match same images in pairs.

It is a step up from standard memory game, involving the matching of two similar pictures. You turn two cards and find the same match among the other hidden cards.

Our versions are little different because, not only sensory memory is needed but also short-term memory in greater scope than standard memory games. We hope they will have an effect on children’s explicit knowledge.