Leonardo Da Vinci is known to have popularized mirror writing. This involves writing in a way that it can only be read when its reflected in a mirror.

Mirror Reading involves having the ability to decode messages that are presented initially in mirror-reverse. The skills required for reading mirrored text are different from those required for normal reading. Such as spatial transformation and mental rotation.

While most people in general are able to read texts that have been reflected into a mirror slowly with some degree of effort, there have been a team of scientists in the Basque Centre on Cognition, Brain and Language for the first time ever have been able to show that we can turn these visuals around and understand them unconsciously and automatically.

The results of their research have shown that a short-term and intensive practice of mirror-reverse words can significantly improve reading performance not just for trained typographers, but for other mirrored typographies and mirror-reversed Arabic digits.*

We have created a tool to convert text into mirrored text and enhanced it with images to help. Kids have to read all three of the possible answers in the mirror and find the words that match the image. This is a perfect game for building children’s vocabulary, as well as acting like a gym for the brain and just a fun activity.

mirror reading