With this powerful feature, you’ll be able to create your own digital class for students, you will also be able to view and administer students’ content. An additional toolbar is added to the front page (marked with red circle and arrow).


Every student must first copy and download at least one of your apps. With first download of your content, student will appear in list of users, click on combo arrow (picture up, red arrow) will show list of students (picture below).


Choose students from the list. List of contents and apps will appear at the bottom of your home page with orange buttons.


If you want to delete some of your apps, (click the orange buttons, pictured above). Select them by ticking the empty white boxes on the right of every orange button. Use the delete button (red arrow, picture below) for the student area.

For the copying of new files into students account, use checkmarks selection (blue checkmarks example in the upper part, pictured below). Click on the “Copy” button, then go to student’s part of the form (orange buttons) and click button “Paste selected files” (picture below).

Your files are copied to student’s account for usage.





my Digital Classroom
Organize and administrate all your pupils' lessons at one place. Add, delete, update apps in seconds.
Price: $10.00