Operations on Image Sets

Operation on sets are usually boring from elementary school especially when questions like “what are mutual elements?” were asked or characters, letters, and numbers were used as elements in exercises.

This is why we decided to come up with enriched set games that have images. With the use of images, operation with sets got easier and interesting. It can be applied from kindergarten. The game provides the following:

We all remember operation with sets from elementary school or higher grades, and they were quite boring… what belongs into which set, what are mutual elements, and etc. Boring, boring, boring because elements used in exercises were characters, letters, numbers…how can this be exciting?

This is the reason why we have enriched sets game with images. With images, operations with sets got totally new meaning and can be applied from kindergarten. Game provides:

  • Algorithm thinking with a rule.
  • Small successes with guessing elements one after the other.
  • A kind of abstraction providing images in a new environment and mutual co-relation.
  • Learning about joins, inner joins, outer joins etc.
Operations with Sets

Operations with Sets
OPERATIONS ON SETS made super easy for Kids