Each child has at  least one talent like talent for music, math, mechanic, sport, animal care, humour and similar. We have match between children talents and corresponding videos and online games. Find Talents is a great feature for quick search through many videos and online games, narrow search, and select. It is a great feature to quickly find best online media according to child talent. Child’s talent is a great “attention magnet” because child love to pay attention on it. Talent is also way how child naturally learns. It is hidden child strength and communication channel.

Find Talent is a form for filtering video or games by description and talents. User can quickly and efficiently  narrow search and quickly find best media for child’s interest. Find Talent:

  • saves user time, instead of spending time to navigate through thousands of rewards,
  • Uses our insider knowledge of aligning videos and educative games with children talents.


For example,

without filtering, user has unsorted list of more than 1000 educative videos and games.



Let’s enter, for example, the description “Ballet” in the description filter at the top. Five educative videos are displayed on the search result.




The other way to filter reward is through children talents. Each reward in the list is aligned to a certain child talent type. In this example we have chosen talent for Math and Logic. The results are a bunch of educational materials; which includes math and logical games and videos. User can quickly select which are most appropriate for child’s interest.



Search can be additionally narrowed by adding one more talent type. In this example we have chosen talent for Mechanic and how something works. The result is a set of rewards that are both, suitable for mathematical-logical and mechanical talent.



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