Seriation is the ability to arrange items in a logical order along a quantitative dimension such as length, weight, age, etc. It is a general cognitive skill which is not fully mastered until after the nursery years. To seriate means to understand that objects can be ordered along a dimension,  and to effectively do so.[1]

Seriation means to put (arrange) something into a logical order. Students may or may not come to skill with the ability to but a set of objects into groups or into an order. These skills must be practiced. As children cognitively develop so will their seriation skills. For example the Illustration is showing arranging shapes by size, in this case from largest to smallest.

Seriation skills are important for a number of reasons:

  • Seriation skills can help to solve and extend patterns.
  • Seriation skills led to being able to solve more complex problems.
  • Putting things in order will help students understand ordinal counting (1,2,3,4 ____…)
  • Develops problem solving skills. The students must understand (analyze) the task given, and then decide the necessary steps to complete the task.

Let your students practice seriation skills in a fun! With our game let them sort images by size. The game selects one image and then changes its sizes. The student then seriates the images from smallest to largest using a drag and drop technique.

seriation game