Slideshows are great ways to teach concepts to even the youngest students! Our vocabulary learning pairs images with pronounced words. We’ll explain the great features of Our Slideshow Games, use these features to keep your students actively engaged.

Keep it dynamic

Don’t use repetition until it becomes boring change it up! Our slides can used to create a sense of action. You can control the speed of image change. Set the timer for 1 min or 30 seconds between slides, or set it really fast to make that days practice a challenge!

Keep it motivational

Use slides by highlighting key words or phrases, or to illustrate what you are saying through well-selected pictures, infographics, or other graphic designs. Great images and illustrations keep your students attention. Select images from our gallery or insert your own to get the best motivation in your audience.

Enrich it with sound

We have implemented possibility to use background music during slideshow, it’s up to you to use it most effective way or to keep slideshow without it.

Morning routine songs are great with slides!

Create your morning routine, then create the slides (you can change them as the year goes along).

Use this with spelling words or sight words.

How about vocabulary enrichment during learning units!

Surprise is the Key

The element of Surprise is powerful motivation for little ones. Embed videos between slides and get wow effect. You have possibility to insert between tomato, banana, and hamburger images to insert YouTube pranks with only few clicks during slideshow creation. This is proven idea to keep motivation of little ones.

Slideshows are great learning tool because they provide contextual use of new words with sounds and animation. You are free to upload up to as many pictures you want for your slideshow.

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