Ssssnake Words

Snake Words is a fun, inventive and educational new word game for children of reading age. It can be used in a classroom setting, or explored on the child’s own terms. Snake Words is the crossword reinvented, with a child friendly twist added to it.

Games with words are among the most popular games in society. Successful and widely enjoyed examples such as Scrabble show, that there is something uniquely amazing about having fun with putting one letter after another and see it be transformed into a word or a phrase.

This is especially important for children who are just learning to read and write and recognize letters and words.

Snake Words offers a fun and imaginative new take on the concept of word creation. Pictures are placed below the snake, and the name of the shown object must be written into the Snake above. This increases the child’s communication skills, understanding, and enhances cognitive perception skills.

Various Snakes of different lengths are lined up and filled with letters to form phrases, words and exciting concepts. This means, that children will understand vocabulary, the importance of putting one letter after another and the basics of spelling rules while enjoying their quirky playtime with a funny, multi-coloured snake.

This can also be set up on a larger scale in a classroom setting. Here, the educator can set multiple snakes up and have the tasks solved in a team effort. Another possibility is to have the children in smaller groups, where each snake forms a word which then can be put together to create something larger.

These fun and easy exercises are also easily integrated into an existing exercise routine or curriculum. There are no limits to what can be done here, as this concept can also be adapted for educating in a second language.

It can also be used as a tool across disciplines as word groups for other non-lingual subjects can also be easily integrated. For example, a biology class could utilize these Snake Words in order to portray different animal groups, or a history class could use the exercise to showcase figures in history.

The task or recognizing the picture and then having to find the name and spell it, all the while focusing on correctly creating the proper sequence for the letters stimulates multiple groups within the brain and gives the child a wholesome learning experience. Teachers and educators meanwhile are able to easily identify where a child may need additional help.

The software allows teachers and educators to easily create their own Snake Words without having to spend hours painstakingly trying to design something unique for their classes. All that needs to be done is to input the pictures, the software does the rest and helps to create ever more fun Snake Words.

We have worked with lots and lots of teachers and educators to create ever more interesting apps and ways to make learning more fun, and apps easier to create. Through our efforts, we have achieved success in enriching vocabulary games and brought about new ways of developing fun games with words for children.


Snake Words – Text Puzzles for Kids, autor: Drazen Klecina

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