How YouTube Trends in Apps Motivate Children to Learn

Do you know that more than half percentage of children living today; have an online social network by the age of 10[1]? This implies that a lot of young children are gaining access to social network at a young age. By this, they become more exposed to people, situations and content they may find difficult to handle at the long run.

Nowadays, it’s hard to limit these underage ones to use the internet, because you might not be with them all the time.  However, you must ensure that your children use the internet beneficially for learning, if they have to surf the internet.

These days, we witness huge media consumption by kids, especially videos from YouTube produced by many influencers. Many of them have kids horde for followers, and kids consider them as their idols. It is quite common to see kids waiting for their YouTube “rockstar” for hours with patience. Can’t believe these are kids? Same kids that lose their patience span in other situations within minutes, not hours like in this case of waiting for a selfie with an influencer or getting signature. Influencers are true YouTube trendsetters for kids and have a huge impact in their world.

Keep reading if you want to learn how your child can be motivated to learn with YouTube trends in an app.

Benefits of YouTube Trends in an App for Children

No doubt, you may be afraid to allow your children to use apps that have popular videos. However, there are ways it can be beneficial to your children:

It Helps Them Feel Confident

The YouTube trends in an app help your child feel at ease when communicating with people around. When they watch the videos, it makes them feel less shy and gain more confidence. This is because the video is educating them about their environment.

Hence, they feel confident defending themselves in whatever environment they find themselves. In other words, an introvert child or one who feels strange around other people builds confidence. The child also stands a better chance of understanding how to communicate with people when using the app with influencer videos.

It Informs Them

Sometimes, children’s assignments and research work may be difficult. In this regard, the app with influencer videos helps to inform them of what they need to start working. This makes work easy for them.

It Makes Them Feel Helpful

It would interest you to know that Iowa University carried out a research. The research found out that games involving social platforms can promote better behavior. It also encourages tolerance and makes them more helpful.

Most children tend to be empathetic and compassionate. They could feel the need to protect their friends and share with them. In a case, where a child is aggressive, the app with popular videos assists to reduce aggressive cognitions.

Hence, when children use the app to play educational games and watch influencer videos, it makes them helpful.

It Helps Them Feel Smart

A recent survey carried out by globe and mail showed how social media is making kids smarter. The e-learning foundation also carried out a research. It showed that children with access to the internet at home get higher grades.

Apart from improved social skills, the app with popular videos helps enhance cognitive abilities. Examples of such cognitive abilities include critical thinking, memory, problem-solving skills, and comprehension.

With this, children will determine useful information with ease.

It Helps Them Feel Relaxed

The app with influencer videos has a way of reducing stress. This occurs when the app provides an outlet by which children express their frustrations, fears, and disappointments.

The app also serves as a means of distraction that helps children get over stressful experiences.

It Makes Them Feel Welcome

When a child uses the app with popular videos, it makes the child feel he or she is part of something. This is because the app has proven to build the self-esteem and confidence of the child. Hence, the sense of responsibility of the child improves.

It also helps the children relate with what they love and have experiences they would love to share with people around them. This helps children feel welcome in whatever environment they find themselves.

Bottom Line

You cannot afford to avoid the social media because it has come to stay. Allowing your child to use it comes with its advantages and disadvantages. This is the reason why we highlighted the benefits to show you the positive part of it that can be put to great use to motivate children to learn better.

The important things to do as a parent is to ensure you monitor children’s online activities. Because the joy of most parents would be to see that their children perform with excellence and learn with speed.

So, it is best to take the “bull by the horn” and ensure that your child uses the app that has YouTube trends to foster relaxation, confidence, responsibility, smartness, and helpfulness in every way possible while improving the child’s grades at the same time.

For more information about the best app that helps revert negative YouTube trends, impact positive values to your child, and embed influencer’s videos into learning apps, continue to watch the video.

[1] http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2552658/More-half-children-use-social-media-age-10-Facebook-popular-site-youngsters-join.html

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