When you think of Black Holes what comes to mind? A black hole that swallows everything around it up?

We created a new “Black Hole” with a new ending (outcome) in our latest game.

In this game we’ve created a table and a pawn. Your goal is to use your pawn to go from start to finish. Sounds easy! Look out for the Black holes they will suck you in and then spit your pawn out somewhere else on the table. Maybe you will end up closer to finish or it may set you back closer to start!

There is more than one version of the black hole game:

  • 1 pair,2 pairs, and 3 pairs of pawns must make it to the finish line. The “Finish Line” looks like the pawn so it will be easier to find.
  • Sort 3 pawns according to numbers to make it to the finish line.

Move your pawn by using the arrow keys. Up, down,left, right. Add the number of fields that need to be passed. This is a great game to practice computational thinking!

We hope you enjoy the game and the black holes are lucky for you!

black holes game
What Happens If You’re being sucked up by BLACK HOLE? Computational Thinking!