Your Brand in Learning Apps

White Labels for Educators

We are passionate about those who have got the guts, the idea, the go-getter mentality, but they’re missing one thing…the perfect platform to showcase their brand!  GABRIEL’S SEEDS has put together an iconic platform that allows you to showcase your logo on our dynamic platform. This powerful service is called YOUR LOGO!

Here are some amazing features that make YOUR LOGO a must-have:

  • Affordable price – You can publicize your brand and logo at very decent rates.
  • Standard presentation format – There are no ambiguities
  • Efficient – It cuts time wastage and sets you up for huge
  • Dynamic Appeal – There is no better way to connect with your market than this channel.

There are certain questions that will determine what you make of this offer. We know the business world is quite challenging but…

  • Do you truly want to beat the competition in education?
  • Do you want to emphasize and visualize quality in your content?
  • Do you want to take the Number one spot in your niche?
  • Do you want to WOW your audience and get them hooked for life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this is the time to set up a system that will continue to generate dynamic results. YOUR LOGO is your ideal channel to make it happen. Grab your brand spot within learning apps for children today! Your logo will be displayed in all your learning apps on top next to home page like on printscreen below.

We have consistently surpassed our client’s expectations and coined unique logo that functions with precision. Do connect with us today for more details and further discussions!

Your Logo
Place logo within games and raise brand awareness.
Price: $299.00