Make-a-Word Game

 By comprehending the meanings and uses of the individual parts that make a word, children can learn and comprehend a new  word. This familiarity with shown  word components can also assist students to learn the meaning of new words that they haven’t come across before–they can then apply what they’ve learned about new word components from words they are already familiar with to read new words. The graphics box of word components aids students in developing their vocabularies and their comprehension of words further.

The game basically shows children how these word components can be merged together to form known words.

Other pros for students:

  • It lets the children build a richer and more sophisticated vocabulary
  • Kids get familiar with the most fundamental word components in English language
  • Kids can guess the meaning of unknown words

We have built a Word Parts Game version with words split into different parts of 2-3 letters each along with a corresponding picture. Imagery and visual assistance are very valuable when the game is played by younger kids, as words are easier to remember and absorb.

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