How to Chill Classroom Atmosphere with Word Puzzles 

DO you know! Recent discoveries has it that apart from kids, teachers and even parents now enjoy word puzzles so much so that they can spent most of their time working on puzzles in magazines, books and news papers and  have credited it to a pastime which help to keep their mind sharp and thinking.

Word puzzles or word game are designed to test ability with language of kids, are a source of fun and entertainment to them and most importantly an educational games for kids. Word games are brainteaser that  encourages lateral thinking, that help build up young minds such as those of kids.

Crossword puzzle at it least is a fun way of developing word skills test in kids. Teachers today are making good use of it as a means of enhancing classroom instructions and learning aids for kids. It also boost kids memory and ability to recall what has been taught especially in the case of crossword puzzles.

The use of word game for the education of kids can be varied by various teacher in order to meet up with a particular need of a child- a science teacher can create puzzle that make use of scientific materials and tools in order to reach the hearts of kids, so it is for non science teachers and even parents. This is really a great and effective tool at the teacher and parent disposal helping the kids learn with great fun.

It should be noted that word puzzle as a means of kids education is mainly a means of incorporating learning and fun.

It is pertinent to start developing kids brain, tender age is the best time to begin initiating the kid’s ability to think and make use of his brain power. This is what word puzzles and other related activities will do for your kids.

Your kid’s mental and calculative ability are sharpened and heightened. The competitive nature of the world make the development of your kids mental capacity and intelligence very significant, as they are better able to survive and compete with their mate both now and in the future, the use of word puzzles is just indispensable!

Word puzzles also enhance attitudinal skills of kids which can enhance their brain power. The availability of word game for varying age group also make it a very efficient means of kid education. This flexibility is what bring out the fun when it’s been used as a means of educating your kids.

The educational worth or value of word games or puzzle extends into many skills areas. In summary the educational value and benefit of these game to kids enlightenment is outlined below:

  1. Enhancement of vocabulary capacity
  2. Improved spelling capacity
  3. Reading and dictionary skills improvement
  4. Fast Reasoning and comprehension skills.

Word or puzzle games can be of various types:

  • Letter arrangement game: it include games like anagrams,anagrab,alternade, dabble, jumble, spellaton, wordament, wordspot, and a whole lots of others.
  • Paper and pencil puzzle: it include games like cryptograms, word force, word polygon, hangman and many more.
  • Radio and television games: it include games like lingo, countdown, spelling bee and a whole lots of others.
  • Linguistic recreation and other miscellaneous puzzles

There are options of the kinds of  format  and where to get these puzzles games, the printed option is a simple form of it. The printable  picture crossword puzzle help kids to make a competitive edge and resist the tough nature of the world out there making them a better and reliable individuals.

There is great news!

Amidst all of these, our online platform and software where many of these can be achieved with the blink of an eye; http://poweringkidslearning and its software http://www.gabrielsseeds.eu.

It is amazingly simple to create flexible and various word puzzle games that can help in educating of kids and to raise reading and writing interest in the classroom with adorable images in word puzzles.

Check our video tutorials below, how to make learning apps for preschool, 1st or 2nd Grade lesson plans in minutes. It is enough to select images and the software automatically generates various word brain-teasers apps ready to be shared in classrooms. Yes, teachers can be cool and techy without programming skills.


Cryptogram puzzle

Word Search

Word Parts

Rebus Story

Rebus Puzzle

Picture Crosswords

How WORD PUZZLES can make your child a language master (And help boost grades later in life.)
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