A word search or in other words seek, hunt, or mystery word puzzle is a vocabulary game that is made of the letters of the words put in a box that typically has a square shape. The aim of this game is to pinpoint  and note all the words that hide in the grid. The words can be arranged in three different directions: horizontally, vertically or crosswise. Most games of this type give away a list of all the “secret words” but advanced and tougher versions will challenge the player to find the hidden words on their own. There is often a certain pattern or theme that connects the words in the puzzle.

Therefore, if you find the task of encouraging children to develop and expand their existing vocabulary, practice their spelling or maximize their problem-solving abilities, we have generated a visual version of the word seek game. The pictures show up in the top section so little explorers can get help to uncover the matching words from the table easier.

This is a great game for teaching kids to combine their visual and verbal vocabulary development abilities and also help them to master all the aforementioned strengths of the typical word hunt games. Our games are designed to supplement perfectly the vocabulary learning skills of any kid.

word search generator
WORD SEARCH Maker for Kids